Alma Linen and Room Spray

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No 9 Cozy A warm inviting scent with hints of amber and sandalwood.

No 24 Lavender A crisp scent of fresh lavender with a hint of citrus.

No 17 Fresh The fresh aroma of sun-dried laundry.

No 4 Baby Baby is made with our natural plant based softeners and is nontoxic, eco-friendly, and safe for baby clothing. Our Baby scent is a calming powdery scent with hints of chamomile, violet, and sweet orange blossom.

No 10 Seaside  A Cool & Crisp mix of sun-kissed coconut, white magnolia & bergamot with hints of a sea salt breeze. 

No 12 Grapefruit Bouquet This clean citrus scent pairs the zest of fresh grapefruit with the earthy green smells of vetiver and a bit of jasmine.

Fresh Cut Lilac

Alma Original  This is the scent that started it all! The Alma Original blend is a perfect mix of soft cotton, fragrant gardenias, & sweet honeysuckle with a light sandalwood base. Fluffy towels, bedding, any everyday laundry...the scent is fabulous on everything!

No. 27 Harvest  The perfect fall scent! Its creamy, pumpkiny, and spicy. Just one smell and I'm ready for sweater weather!

No. 32 Festive  This scent combines everyone’s favorite Holiday smells. Christmas greens like pine and spruce paired with orange clove, cranberries & a touch of firewood. It’s basically Christmas in a bottle!

No. 29 Winter Plum This blend of sugary plum nectar, sweet red wine, freesia & vanilla create the perfect luxurious scent to brighten those winter days